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Podcasts are awesome. Online education is awesome. There are also awesome thinkers, practitioners and, well, leaders and legends of online education. Why not bring them together?

Welcome to Leaders & Legends of Online Learning, a podcast dedicated to the experts. From time to time we'll add new interviews with some of the world's leading names. You'll encounter rich and interesting perspectives on online learning and education, and links to the sort of work you ought to be reading.

Each interview lasts about a half hour, and links to each guest's work and profile are provided for you to follow up.

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Click Episodes for more information about each guest including a link to their interview. Latest published Leader and Legend: Professor Ebba Ossiannilsson. Latest episode: HE in a post-Covid world with Professor Tony Bates.   


Know of a Leader or Legend we haven't yet interviewed? 

If so, let us know by email. Please include your name and a link to the LoL's profile or work. We'll take it from there.

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A bonus conversation with Professor Tony Bates @drtonybates on the podcast: HE in a post-Covid world https://bit.ly/3gDwTPN Well worth a listen!

Another fantastic Leader & Legend interview: https://bit.ly/3e8zijf @EbbaOssian, making an international difference. Many more to come!

Exciting to add @shaireshef from @UoPeople now as a Leader & Legend. Inspirational podcast episode at https://bit.ly/2VEiYis. Stay safe everyone!

Check out my latest article: Building universities'​ digital distance education capability https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-universities-digital-distance-education-mark-nichols via @LinkedIn

Dr Neil Fassina @NeilFassina has joined the ranks of Leaders & Legends: https://bit.ly/393jaMT! Neil is President @icde_org and @AthabascaU. Great listening.
Take care out there!

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