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Podcasts are awesome. Online education is awesome. There are also awesome thinkers, practitioners and, well, leaders and legends of online education. Why not bring them together?

Welcome to Leaders & Legends of Online Learning, a podcast dedicated to the experts. From time to time we'll add new interviews with some of the world's leading names. You'll encounter rich and interesting perspectives on online learning and education, and links to the sort of work you ought to be reading.

Each interview lasts about a half hour, and links to each guest's work and profile are provided for you to follow up.

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Click Episodes for more information about each guest including a link to their interview. Latest published Leader and Legend: Dr Patrina Law


Know of a Leader or Legend we haven't yet interviewed? 

If so, let us know by email. Please include your name and a link to the LoL's profile or work. We'll take it from there.

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We're looking forward to releasing the @allisonl interview next week. What a Legend! https://t.co/Tn89gKQngM Still more interviews underway...

A pleasure to add @HigherEdPatrina to our published interviewees! Another Legendary podcast https://t.co/xF1M0x1tpL

We'll be releasing the interview with @HigherEdPatrina this time next week - and we've several more Leaders conversations underway!

Professor Paul Kirschner @P_A_Kirschner now available from Leaders & Legends of Online Learning: https://t.co/IQUgNbMQQp - a strong case for instructivism!

We've just added the OUs Peter Taylor as a Leader & Legend of Online Learning: https://t.co/sY8r1JpBV9. How can a subject like organic chemistry be effectively taught online?

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