033 Professor Rory McGreal

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
033 Professor Rory McGreal

Professor Rory McGreal is an open education resources and open access champion, and is an early innovator with networked learning. He is known internationally for his work, and has had both Commonwealth of Learning and ICDE chairs is recognition of his ongoing advocacy. This interview CC-BY.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/033-Rory-McGreal-Final.mp3 | recorded September 2019

Rory’s profile: https://unescochair.athabascau.ca/team/chairholder

Nominated links (free to access, OER): https://unescochair.athabascau.ca/publications

Please note that this episode is released CC-BY (our normal licence is CC-BY-SA).

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