053 Sir John Daniel

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053 Sir John Daniel

Sir John Daniel has made a pivotal contribution to open, distance and online learning across his impressive career, which has to date included being Vice Chancellor of The Open University UK, Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO and President of the Commonwealth of Learning. Sir John’s insight and thinking is widely known for its clarity and practicality. 

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/053-Sir-John-Daniel-Final.mp3 | recorded January 2021

Sir John’s profile (also links to publications): https://sirjohn.ca/

Nominated links (mentioned in interview):

Sir John’s contact details and links to multiple presentations and articles are freely available from https://sirjohn.ca/.

One thought on “053 Sir John Daniel

  1. Ekundayo Thompson

    I have been reading the works of Sir John. His contributions to Open Distance and Online Learning is very impressive.


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