056 Dr Afsaneh Sharif

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
056 Dr Afsaneh Sharif

Instructional design is foundational to effective online education. In this episode Dr Afsaneh Sharif, researcher, consultant, instructional designer, e-learning specialist, faculty liaison and project manager with the University of British Columbia, shares insight from her 20+ years of practice and scholarship.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/056-Afsaneh-Sharif-Final.mp3 | recorded March 2021

Afsaneh’s online profile: https://ctlt.ubc.ca/people/afsaneh-sharif-phd/

Afsaneh’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/afsaneh-sharif-2406b669/?originalSubdomain=ca

Nominated works (free to access):

Nominated works (may require purchase):

  • Sharif, A., Welsh, A., Myers, J., Wilson, B., Chan, J., Cho, S., & Miller, J. (2019). Faculty Liaisons: an embedded approach for enriching teaching and learning in higher education. International Journal for Academic Development, 24:3, 260-271, DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2019.1584898
  • Quality Assurance in E-Learning Program. In Gisbert, M. and Bullen, M. (2015). Teaching and Learning in Digital Worlds: Strategies and Issues in Higher Education. Ed. Marfil & Publications URV.

Twitter: @afsanehs

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