064 Professor Phill Dawson

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
064 Professor Phill Dawson

Professor Phillip Dawson is an international expert in online assessment and the flipped classroom, with a broad interest in online education. He is Associate Director, Centre For Research In Assessment And Digital Learning (CRADLE) with Deakin University in Australia. After this episode you’ll be inspired to check out his work.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/f659ff3e-59ba-4713-aad4-26ca3dc29159-064-Phillip-Dawson-Final.mp3 | recorded November 2021

Phill’s profile: https://philldawson.com/

Nominated publications (free to access):

Nominated work (requires purchase):

Twitter: @phillipdawson

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