088 Dr Vanessa Paz Dennen

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
088 Dr Vanessa Paz Dennen

Distinguished Professor Dr Vanessa Dennen is an international expert in education, with a specific focus on instructional systems and learning technologies at Florida State University. Her scholarship dates back to the early days of online education, as does her ‘people first, content second, technology third’ approach.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/e353214d-a9a7-4fb5-a387-031f6d614039-088-Vanessa-Dennen.mp3 | recorded July 2023

Vanessa’s profile: https://cehhs.fsu.edu/vanessa-dennen

Vanessa’s blog: https://vanessadennen.com/blog/

Vanessa’s Google Scholar account: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=fkGwM8YAAAAJ

Vanessa’s publications and presentations (some may require purchase): https://vanessadennen.com/recent-publications-and-presentations/

Additional access to works: https://meme.create.fsu.edu/publications-presentations/

MEME Research Group website: https://meme.create.fsu.edu/

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