010 Professor Terry Anderson

Emeritus Professor Terry Anderson has contributed a great deal to online education theory and is an active promoter of scholarship. His interactional equivalence theorem and involvement with the Community of Inquiry framework make him a genuine leader & legend of online learning. We talked via Skype.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/Terry-Anderson-Final.mp3 | recorded December 2018

Terry’s online profile: http://virtualcanuck.ca/

Terry’s blog: http://virtualcanuck.ca/

Terry mentions Trint in his interview. The Community of Inquiry and the Equivalence Theorem are also mentioned.

Nominated works:



Twitter: @terguy

1 thought on “010 Professor Terry Anderson

  1. Audrey Brooks

    Nice to hear something good before you kick the bucket Terry. At least you don’t go off into the wild without being noticed! Best Wishes to my favorite artisan and intellectual gladiator!! Hugs, Audrey Brooks


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