074 Dr Sanjaya Mishra

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074 Dr Sanjaya Mishra

Dr Sanjaya Mishra is Director: Education with the Commonwealth of Learning. His extensive career in online education builds on a distance education foundation, which includes time with the Indira Ghandi National Open University. Sanjaya has an international profile and has authored over 300 papers across his 30 years experience.  

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/8f2609e1-a786-41e9-add7-cfbb0a328e4c-074-Sanjaya-Mishra-Final.mp3 | recorded September 2022

Sanjaya’s profile: https://www.col.org/members/dr-sanjaya-mishra/

Nominated publications (free to access):

Twitter: @SanjayaMishra

One thought on “074 Dr Sanjaya Mishra

  1. Dr Niradhar Dey

    An excellent interview of Dr Sanjay Mishra, a legend and global leader of Distance Education. This interview will help thousands of Distance Educators to understand the core of distance education principle and accordingly to prepare themselves for providing better learning to the students through Distance and Online Education.


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