048 Professor Börje Holmberg

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
048 Professor Börje Holmberg

Professor Börje Holmberg is a pioneer in the area of distance education – and his perspectives on learning design, education and a system and the guided didactic conversation translate directly into effective online education.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/048-B-rje-Holmberg.mp3 | recorded August 2020

Börje’s Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%B6rje_Holmberg

Farhad Saba’s (DistanceEducator.com) introductionhttps://distance-educator.com/introduction-to-distance-education-theorists-and-theories-borje-holmberg/

Free to access article related to the Guided Didactic Conversation:

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