068 Professor Albert Sangrà

Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
Leaders & Legends of Online Learning
068 Professor Albert Sangrà

Professor Albert Sangrà is an award-winning practitioner of eLearning and a member of the founding team of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona. His research and consultancy continues to have a global influence.

Interview: https://episodes.castos.com/onlinelearninglegends/b19bf695-ef89-47fa-96ce-c13a3fd08334-068-Albert-Sangr-Final.mp3 | recorded February 2022

Albert’s profile: https://www.albertsangra.com/en/albert-sangra/

Albert’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albert-sangr%C3%A0-a19b7ab/

Nominated publications (free to access):

  • Sangrà, A. (2021). Return to Campus: Making sense of (innovative) hybrid teaching and learning [33:08 to 1:01:59].  Chapter I. IAU-UOC Series: Innovative Education for Unshaped Futures (IE4UF) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoSdh74Ykks
  • Sangrà, A. (Coord.) (2020). Decálogo para la mejora de la docencia online, Propuestas para educar en contextos presenciales discontinuos. Editorial UOC. http://hdl.handle.net/10609/122307. (English version coming soon).
  • Sangrà, A., Raffaghelli, J. & Guitert, M. (2019). Learning ecologies through a lens: Ontological, methodological and applicative issues. A systematic review of the literature. British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET), 50(4), 1619-1638, https://doi.org/10.1111/bjet.12795.
  • Sangrà, A., Vlachopoulos, D., & Cabrera, N. (2012). Building an inclusive definition of e-learning: An approach to the conceptual framework. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning13(2), 145-159. https://doi.org/10.19173/irrodl.v13i2.1161
  • Bates, A.W. (Tony), & Sangrà, A. (2011). Managing Technology in Higher Education. Strategies for transforming teaching and learning. Wiley/Jossey-Bass. http://www.batesandsangra.ca

Nominated works (require purchase):

Twitter: @albert_sangra

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